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Problems when making longer breaks

My participants are sometimes practicing at home by themselves. It happens that they do strange things then :blush:
Well, i have the impression that they sometimes make quite long breaks of more than 5 min. and it seems like this behavior paralyzes OS resulting in a python crash or frozen screen.
Is it possible that longer breaks result in such errors?


  • Hi Stefan,

    Is it possible that longer breaks result in such errors?

    Hmm, I've never seen this, and I don't see how that would happen. But because people rarely take such long breaks it's difficult to exclude the possibility. My first guess, though, is that it's something different. For example, perhaps OpenSesame loses focus for some reason, and they need to click on the window (even if it's full-screen) to return focus to OpenSesame and be able to continue. Could it be something along those lines?


  • Are you using Windows? If so, it is not so much OpenSesame "losing focus" as Windows' task manager, which has the annoying habit on scanning the processes and deciding for you which should be active. Does the problem persist if you set the python / pythonw priorities to high?

  • Seems like a reason. Yes, it happened on Windows. I did not attend the sessions when the problem occured. I keep on telling everybody to not pause for too long. ;)
    How do it set python priorities to high?

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