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Simple experiment, trial-by-trial feedback erratic

For a class we are making a quick stroop task. There is an issue with the trial-by-trial feedback. It does not always work and it is inconsistent. I have attached two examples, they look identical to me. In one the feedback works (Stroop example_working) in the other it does not (Stroop example _not working). I have a feeling it should be something very obvious but I cannot figure it out. Can anyone help?


  • Hi Wieske,

    In the non-working example, the sketchpad items also contain show-if statements. This results in the odd situation where the show-if statements are evaluated during the Prepare phase of the trial_sequence, and then during the Run phase, the run-if statements determine which sketchpad is actually shown. This results in erratic behavior! But removing the show-if statements should be fine.


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