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Some Variables Not Saved to Logger Files

Hi All,

I'm using OpenSesame 3.1.6 for an experiment and the logger files have recently started not saving all of my variables. It's only a few out of dozens, but it is unclear to me why some variables are saved and other's aren't. The ones not saved are some (but not all) of my variables that are specified in a loop. The loop calls from a csv file, and I can see the variables and their values in the preview. Additionally, the variables appear in the variable inspector and the experiment runs as it should, indicating it recognizes the variables. The "save all variables" box is checked in the logger file, and there is only 1 linked logger file. It's particularly odd given that I've used this same experiment in the past few months and it has saved all my variables, but I haven't made any changes to the experiment itself and there don't appear to be any changes to the operating system or python versions being used. Has anyone had anything like this happen before? Any thoughts or suggestions?

I know one work-around would be to add the missing variables as custom variables in the logger, but it also makes me a little uneasy not to know why this happened initially so I know how to prevent it in the future.

Thank you for your thoughts and help!!

Best wishes,


  • Hi Kiki,

    i observed something similar. It is very odd. Look here?

    Maybe that helps you to figure out where the problem comes from

  • Thank you, DahmSF! I'll try out the copying variables that worked for you and report back whether that works.

  • Update: I downloaded OpenSesame 3.2.5 (was using 3.1.6) and it seems to have resolved to where all variables are saving.

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