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CSV file as a source of loop +Hebrew

When I'm attaching a csv file as a source of loop, the cell content in Hebrew become Gibberish:

To resolve this, I saved the excel file as CSV UTF-8
but then in the preview, I got this error message:

Is there a way around it?



  • Hey,
    what i tend to do after running an experiment, is to manually open the csv in excel, then:
    data>new query> from csv> (open the same file again)>source>unicode UTF-8> save & load.
    This opens in a new sheet the same info with unicode encoding in which the hebrew is legible.
    Then i delete the original sheet, and save (i tend to then save as an xlsx but i think you can save as csv as well).
    Manual labor, but it works... If you happen to find a different way around this, please let me know.

    good luck

  • Hi Avi

    Thanks for your response.
    This is a great way to deal with Gibberish in the data analysis stage. I'll defiantly use it!
    My problem is that I still would not be able to present the stimuli words in Hebrew
    during the experiment (but I guess it's okay since I can always use tables)

    Thanks again,

  • Hi tali,

    You can use inline_scripts to load the data table 'manually' into a pandas dataframe and select trials and conditions from this sheet. I think this should work and might solve your issues (hopefully)


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