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Mousetrap cursor visibility

In my experiment I use a mousetrap response item to collect responses. It is placed at some point within the sequence, after some sketchpades. For the purpose of my experiment I need the cursor to never be seen on the screen. To make this happen I add an inline script inside the sequence with this line of code:

Hide Mouse

ms = mouse()

During the sketchapes that preceed the mousetrap the cursor is correctly hidden but the problem is that it is still visible during the recording of responses with the mousetrap, so when the mouse trap item is running I guess.

How can I solve this?
Can anyone suggest me something?

Thank you very much!


  • Hi Viola,
    you cannot influence the visibility of the mouse cursor while mousetrap is running, as it is internally enforce that it is visible (as I could not think of a use case with an invisible cursor). However, I could provide you with a modified version for your purposes. Are you using the mousetrap_response or the mousetrap_form plugin?

  • Hi Pascal,
    thank you so much that would be wonderful!
    I am using the mousetrap_response plugin.
    Sorry for the trouble and thanks again


  • Hi Viola,

    please use the following to link to find an updated file for the mousetrap_response plugin that will set the mouse cursor to invisible while the mousetrap_response item is running. Note that this assumes that you are using the most recent development version of the mousetrap_response item.

    You can install it in the following way:
    1. Go to the following folder within the installation directory of OpenSesame:
    2. Delete all files within that folder
    3. Copy the new file linked above into the folder
    4. Restart OpenSesame



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