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Python crashing when running experiment

edited January 2019 in OpenSesame


I'm having trouble with python crashing every time I try to run my experiment. It's a very basic set up - two intro screens with text, then a series of small audio files (.wav, ~6 KB each), then a screen with text at the end. I've looked at some other posts on related topics, and it's not a function of file size because the experiment won't run even when it only contains 3 audio files, 6 KB each. I've tried restarting my computer, made sure I have the latest version of Open Sesame, and am running it on the legacy backend as well. It won't run the experiment at all, it immediately crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this?



  • Hi Sarah,

    Can you post an error message? Otherwise it will be very difficult to help you. From your description it sounds like something is wrong with your installation. You can try to reinstall, or try a different backend. Also, which operating system do you use?


  • In OpenSesame, it says "Python seems to have crashed. This should not happen. If Python crashes often, please report it on the OpenSesame forum." I've uninstalled and reinstalled OpenSesame on the Mac (High Sierra), which is what I started on, and tried the xpyriment and legacy backends, because people suggested that the legacy one might work better. I'm still not sure why it won't run on the Mac. I've just gotten a ThinkPad with Windows10, which will run the experiment, but won't play the sound files. So I've solved one problem but now have another! Any thoughts on what would keep the file from playing? It's a .wav, and plays fine when I open the files individually.

  • Hi Volz,

    Yes, if python crashed, it is quite tricky to find out what is going on (as there is no error message) and it is most likely specific to your setup, so it is hard for me to reproduce the error and debug it.

    Well, if it runs on your Thinkpad that is good. I don't know by heart whether there is a logic behind which sound files play and which don't (there is probably some consistency, though). In anyway, it might help if you convert your files. Try ogg files. To make sure that it is not your setup that is the problem. You can also try some other (wav) files, just to check. For example, you could try to files from the beginner's tutorial.

    Hope this helped,

  • Hi Eduard,

    I converted them to ogg files from wav files, and it's solved the problem! Not sure why it didn't like the wav files, but it's working now, so I'm happy. Thank you so much for your help!

  • Hi @eduard,

    I'd like to chime in the same problem. I'm running OpenSesame 3.2.7 on Windows 10 (with Python 2.7) and Python always crashes even before my experiment starts. I could go only as far as a form preceding the experiment instructions, then when I pressed the spacebar to start the experiment, Python crashed. This happened 5 times in a row by now. Any solution for this?

    P.S. I'm quite frustrated by this.


  • Hi Intan,

    Does Opensesame always crash or only for specific experiments? Have you tried reinstalling? Maybe with a different method or a different version. Whenever python crashes, debugging is a pain as there isn't a clear error message...


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