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Spaces and Text centering problem


I'm trying to display a sentence on a first screen such as "The tulips are "
Then I would want to display on the second screen my target "beautiful" but on the position it would occupy if "The tulips are " were staying on the screen (but they I need them to disappear)

I tried to insert as many spaces as needed in my target such as " beautiful" but it keeps to display "beautiful" on the center of the screen. Would it be possible to do that ?

Best regards,


  • Hi Boris,

    The easiest way to do this would be to show the full sentence on every sketchpad or Canvas, but use css styling to set the color of some words to the background color. For example, assuming that the background is black, this would hide 'beautiful':

    <span style='color:white;'>The tulips are</span> <span style='color:black;'>beautiful</span>


  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Thank you very much !


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