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Randomize sound files


I have 26 sound files that I want to appear in a random order for a total of 250 audio stimuli presentations. Is there an easy way to do this in OpenSesame?


  • With the SAMPLER plugin in a loop > sequence. :) I think is gonna be super easy.

  • Thanks for the reply! I may be doing this wrong, but when I use the loop and sequence function, it just plays the audio files in the sequence order without shuffling them. Do you know how to get the files to randomly shuffle and play?

  • Hi Volz,

    In the header of the loop item, there is a field called order, which you can set to random in order to shuffle the rows in your loop table. See here:

  • Thanks for your help!! I figured it out by setting a column in the loop to "letter", filling it in with the letters (what the files were named as, e.g., "A.ogg"), setting the sequence to contain a single sound file of "[letter].ogg", and then setting the order to random and the repeat to 10. So just as you all had suggested, it just took a little for it to click in my head! Thanks again!

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