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Need help with fast presentation of stimuli

Hi there,

I am relatively new to OpenSesame and need some help. I am trying to present a set of 60 images really fast so that it looks like a moving picture. I was wondering if there was an easy way OpenSesame can pull up each image in succession so I don't have to create a sketchpad item for each image? Any help is appreciated!


  • Hi,

    You could create a list of Canvas objects in an inline_script item (in the Prepare phase probably). Here's an example of a series of Canvas objects with different strings of text, but you can do it analogously for different images, using canvas.image().

    clist = []
    for i in range(60):
        c = Canvas()
        c.text('Frame {}'.format(i))

    And then you would later show all these Canvas objects (in the Run phase), possibly with a delay in between:

    # Show them one at a time
    for c in clist:
        clock.sleep (10)

    Alternatively, you could create a movie from your images, and use the media_player_mpy item to play it. That might be easier.


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