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Need examples of questionnaires

Where can I find examples of questionnaires?
I need to built easy questionnaires OFFLINE with a lot of different questions in one page (likert, checkbox ecc) and I'm not so sure that there is an easy way for this in opensesame (which I find very very insteresting for a lot of other things).
So with these examples probably I can figure out if opensesame is the right way or if I have to search again (advise accepted)


  • And the possibility to answer with mouse or keyboard!

  • Hi Lawero,

    The forum is full of all kinds of code and forms. You can also check the tutorial on or the manual there. Particularly, this part is very helpful to understand how forms work:


  • Thx! you are right. This is very close to what I'm looking for

    form = Form(cols=[1,1], rows=[1,1,1,1,1])
    title = Label(
        text=u'Indicate how much you agree with the following statement'
    question1 = Label(text=u'Forms are easy', center=False)
    question2 = Label(text=u'I like data', center=False)
    question3 = Label(text=u'I like questionnaires', center=False)
    ratingScale1 = RatingScale(
        nodes=[u'Agree', u"Don't know", u'Disagree']
    ratingScale2 = RatingScale(
        nodes=[u'Agree', u"Don't know", u'Disagree']
    ratingScale3 = RatingScale(var='question3',
        nodes=[u'Agree', u"Don't know", u'Disagree'])
    nextButton = Button(text=u'Next')
    form.set_widget(title, (0, 0), colspan=2)
    form.set_widget(question1, (0, 1))
    form.set_widget(question2, (0, 2))
    form.set_widget(question3, (0, 3))
    form.set_widget(ratingScale1, (1, 1))
    form.set_widget(ratingScale2, (1, 2))
    form.set_widget(ratingScale3, (1, 3))
    form.set_widget(nextButton, (0, 4), colspan=2)
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