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Simon Task for opensesame

Hi guys ! I am very new on Opensesame and I would need some help. I am trying to create an experiment using a Simon task but I am having some hard time to create the two squares of two different colours. I know that the problem is both for the block loop and sketchpad. Do you know if there is a pre-made Simon task available to run for Opensesame or maybe someone can give me direction for what should be done for those levels? thank you very much for your help.


  • Hi Lucia,

    There are probably implementations of a Simon task for OpenSesame floating around (although I cannot recall where). But it's a really easy task to make, so I would suggest implementing it yourself if only for the learning experience. Everything you need to know (including how to show variably colored squares) is either covered in the beginner tutorial or in the visual-search YouTube tutorial.

    If you get stuck, don't hesitate to post questions here! But why don't you first give it a try yourself?



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