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I am using the CCPT after downloading it from the Standard Tasks section of the website. I want have the instructions in the Farsi language. I have translated them in the text file named instructions_en but there are no instructions presented. Please could you kindly advice how to change the instructions/script so they to be show in Farsi. Attached is the downloaded file for more information.




  • Hi,

    It seems the experiment has been written for an old version of Opensesame. Once you open the script you can see that the text display item are not supported anymore. You can replace them with form_text_display items. And add the text information, based on the first inline_script in which the actual instructions are defined. Actually, you probably have to add your Farsi instructions manually to that first inline_script, similarly to how the German and English language instructions are defined.

    Btw, As I said, this experiment has been written for an older version of Opensesame (4+ years ago), so there is a fair chance that there will be more things that you need to fix before it will work. It might make sense, to only use this example script as inspiration and implement it yourself with the newer version.


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