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Feedback to no response

I am new to opensesame and scripting. I have made an experiment where participant has to give response to the stimuli within 4000 ms. I am able to give feedback to correct and incorrect response but I am unable to produce feedback when participant has not provided any response within 4000ms.

can anyone suggest how can I do it.



  • Hi VKT5430,

    Try this if the response concerns a selection (chekbox or oher): [response]= u'no'

    or this if it concerns text input: [response]= u''

    Best regards,


  • edited April 2019

    To add to Lucie's response, if you use a regular keyboard response item, the line would be:



  • edited April 2019

    When I added a sketchpad with run if condition [response]=None; its first showing the sketchpad given for run if condition [correct]=0 and then the newly added sketchpad. As the variable correct is storing value 0 for no response.

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