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[solved] Enable auto response

edited March 2013 in OpenSesame

Hi Sebastian.

I think there is a small GUI problem relative to this option. When I click to Run-enable auto response, it works but under the Run drop-down list it still appears the item enable auto response, although its function is now to disable auto response. This may be a bit confusing.


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    Hi Andrea,

    Yes, it's supposed to be a checkable option. But it depends on the style of your operating system, and sometimes it's not very clear whether or not the option is checked. On my system it looks like this:


    You can see that it's enabled, but only if you look carefully. Perhaps it would be more obvious if there were no icon, in which case you see a simple checkmark.

    Thanks for pointing this out!


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    I took a lot of time to understand (on my system the icons differ very little), but I am there now. Perhaps, it would be easier if the item became Disable auto response once someone check it. In any case, that's a minor problem.

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