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Problem with mousetrap Plugin

Hi everyone,

I'm creating an experiment which will primarily run on an Android tablet, where I'm using the sketchpad to create a ten point likert scale (1-10) using shapes as buttons. I don't want to use the rating scale function, since I want to have big colourful buttons as the experiment is made for children as young as four years old.

After reading a series of suggestions around the web, I found out about the mousetrap plugin, which I have been trying to use, with no avail. I've tried running the example projects provided on github (mousetrap_response_python.osexp) and I get the following error:

As it would be expected, the same happens when attempted to recreate a similar script as the one from the example given.

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi,

    Could you provide more detail? Which code have you tried exactly. Are you sure you have installed the plugin properly?


  • Hi there,

    are you getting this error message when running the example experiment on your laptop or on the Android tablet?



  • Hi there,

    I've actually managed to create an alternative solution without using the plugin. Thanks though.



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