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Bayesian contrasts


Is it still possible to do Bayesian polynomial contrasts in your program using the following transformation?

The goal is to check the cubic contrast for 7 levels.

In this case, the cubic contrast is -1 1 1 0 -1 -1 1.

Can I

*multiply Level1 by -1 Level2 by 1, Level 3 by 1 and so on…

*Then add level 1,2 &3 to a new variable, for example, var 1

*Then add levels 5,6 &7 to a new variable, for example, var 2 (absolute values)

*In the next step, can I use a T test to check the differences between the two means

and then look at the Bayesian value to give me an indication if there is or isn’t a cubic trend?


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