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depend the duration of sketchpad on conditions


I'm trying to present target sketchpad in multiple duration such that, for condition A duration is X ms and for condition B duration is Y ms, but I have no idea how to do this. I would appreciate any response.



  • Hi Sina,

    Check out the beginner's tutorial, because (1) it gives a nice overview how to use Opensesame, and (2) it describes the strategy that you are looking for, though in a slightly different context. I think it is step 6 (see below), where we describe how to use variables as keywords in sketchpads. I am sure you will understand once you go through it. But basically, the idea is to use a variable (e.g. from your loop table), that you put into the duration field of the `sketchpad` that you want to show (i.e. as [duration]).

    Good luck,


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