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Need help sending triggers in loop

Hi all,

I am currently designing a program where people are shown a comic strip and then shown a set of three images in which they have to choose which image best completes the comic strip. Anyways I have it set up as follows:

where it loops through 25 pairs of images. I have the loop set up as:

I read in a post on here that if I put in an inline script that reads:

value = self.get("triggervalue")


it should get the trigger value for that set of stimuli and send it when that set of stimuli is called. So I did that and placed that inline script in between the question image and answer image labeled as "new_inline_script_2" in my first image. However, when I ran the program I get an error stating that the trigger value cannot be found.

I really cannot figure out why I am getting that error. I am new to experimental programming so I am sure there is an easy fix in the code but I just don't even know where to look or what to fix. Any help would be much appreciated!!




  • Hey Cailee,

    have you already tried var.trigger.write(chr(value)) or trigger.write(chr(value)) ?

    Maybe it helps,


  • Stephan,

    I have not tried that. I would use that instead of exp.trigger.write(chr(value))?

    I will try ASAP!



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