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[open] Blocks Randomisation

edited May 2013 in OpenSesame

I am planning an experiment with 6 blocks, each of them includes a learning phase (20 trials) and a testing phase (40 trials). I need little help to know how to randomise the order in which each of the sequences will be presented. The attached picture shows the possible structure I would like to have.
Thanks in advance,

Pictur's link:


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    Hi Masoud.

    I asked here a very similar question times ago. You can allow randomization by writing an inline script at the begin of the experiment. You will find all the steps in the linked post.

    Hope this helps, and let us know if you encounter any problem.



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    Dear Andrea
    Thanks for the kind reply. Is there any chance to see a copy of the experiment you have run. Will keep it confidential. This is because I have added the inline script but there was an error.


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    Yes, here it is.

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    Thanks very much. But thre seems a problem with the link. Any chance to have it by email:

    Masoud ;;)

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