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[open] OpenSesame Crash with Ubuntu 12.04

edited July 2013 in OpenSesame

I use latest Opensesame 0.27.3 on my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop.
I want to build an Experiment in Android environment so I use the android template.
When try to add text display and change 'duration' setting from 'keypress' to 'mouseclick' software crashes.
I get this note in terminal:
Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault
Aborted (core dumped)

Thank you very much,


  • edited 3:34PM

    Hi Or,

    Segmentation faults always indicate a problem somewhere in the underlying libraries, in this case presumably PyGame (which is used by the droid back-end). So there's not much that can be done about it in terms of debugging OpenSesame.

    But maybe you can work around the problem. Does the segmentation fault always occur when you try to collect a mouse response, regardless of which item you use and which back-end you select? Or does it happen specifically when using a text_display item and setting the duration to 'mouseclick'? And does it happen consistently, or only occasionally?

    What you could try is select a different back-end to develop your experiment. And then change the back-end back to droid when you copy the experiment to the Android device. Or you could try upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu. I experience no segmentation faults on Kubuntu 13.04 64 bit.


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