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[solved] How to get a pause mixed in with 120 trials

edited October 2013 in OpenSesame

Hi all

I have created and successfully tested an 523*2 experiment with opensesame. This gave 60 possibilities/trials which were drawn randomly for each of 6 blocks. When testing it, it seemed appropriate to have a pause every 60 trials.
However, I would now like to add another variable into the experiment. This will give me 120 trials between each pause and I suspect, that such a duration will make everyone sore.
Is there any way to insert a pause every 60 trials in my situation?

Thanks in advance.


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    What I usually do is add a sketchpad called 'pause' to the sequence item that is run via your loop (let's call it 'trial_sequence'). Write some text en the sketchpad (e.g. "Break! Press any key to continue") and set it's duration to 'keypress'.

    Now, in trial_sequence, set the 'Run if' statement to [count_trial_sequence]%60 = 59. This will make the pause sketchpad run only when the remainder of the number of trial_sequence's runs divided by 60 is 59. I.e.: once every 60 trials.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Edwin

    That worked flawlessly. Thank you for your help and your fast reply.

    Best, Simon.

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