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[open] getting started: Self-paced reading time experiment

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I would like to create a self-paced reading time experiment using Open Sesame. I have never used this program before though, and I have also never programmed an experiment before. So I was hoping someone could help me get started with this and give me some tips about what to do? I've tried to find a tutorial that might help me but there are so many and I can't seem to find one that's about self-paced reading or something similar that might get me started.

I have some sentences that the participants will need to read, and I would like to know how to get the program to load the sentences from any type of document (.txt or something, they're currently in an excel-file). And also, I'm not sure what kind of blocks I need to use to make the experiment.
Also, is it possible to get the program to randomise the order of the sentences, but without getting to many of the same type (so, one of 4 different item-conditions and filler sentences) in a row?

Any help will be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Elea,

    It's certainly possible to create a self-paced reading experiment. I would first start by walking through the step-by-step tutorial. This tutorial may not be about the specific experiment that you want to create, but it will still teach you the basics of working with OpenSesame:

    If, after that, you're still unsure how to implement your experiment, feel free to post further questions here. Please be specific and detailed: What kind of paradigm do you want to create exactly, what have you done so far, and why doesn't it work as you'd like it to?


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    Elea, did you get it?

    Me too, I would like to create a self-paced reading task using Open Sesame. I've already look at the video-tutorial, but I am not able to do it.

    Does someone have tips or references?

    Thank you!

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