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SRbox that uses USB port

edited July 2016 in OpenSesame


I am using a Psychology Software Tools, Inc. serial response box (Chronos, a multifunctional response and stimulus device). I saw in a previous discussion ( that even though Psychology Software only lists their tools as compatible with E-Prime, that they are also compatible with OpenSesame. However, this device connects to a USB port rather than a COM port. The posts that I have read so far using the SRbox plug-in refer to COM ports. Is the SRbox plug-in still the appropriate one to use for a serial response box that uses a USB port?

And if so, any ideas on helping OpenSesame locate the device? When I let OpenSesame autodetect which port to use, it freezes (as described would happen if it is trying to use the wrong serial port). I've tried entering the device name manually (e.g. USB5 or \Device\USBPDO-5), but I get an error saying it failed to open device port in libsrbox because the system cannot find the file specified.

Thanks for your time and feedback.


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    Hi Kristin,

    I'm afraid this is not going to work. Please read this:



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    Hi Kristin,

    To avoid confusion: The srbox and chronos are two different devices. The chronos doesn't work in OpenSesame, or at least we haven't heard from anyone figuring out how to do this. The srbox does work, through the srbox plugin, and you can connect it through a real parallel port or a USB connection--that doesn't matter.

    My two cents: Think twice before you spend an excessive amount of money on a dedicated response box, whereas perhaps a €20 gamepad will do just as fine!


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    Thanks for your feedback, Sebastian and Jarik. That's unfortunate that the current set-up won't work yet with OpenSesame. We do also have a gaming controller that is sometimes used for responses. It looks like gaming controllers would work through the Joystick plug-in, right? So I will probably try switching to that.

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    It looks like gaming controllers would work through the Joystick plug-in, right?


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