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LCD vs CRT screens for masked priming


Usually I always use CRT screens when I run masked priming experiments.
But a collaborator of mine would like to use a LCD screen as he does not have any CRT anymore in his lab.

Would you know if this is still a problem ? (or do you know somebody who would have run the blackbox toolkit in order to see if there are real problems with recent LCD screens)



  • Hello,

    In general, LCD displays have a longer time lag to present visual stimuli than CRT displays.
    If you will present the stimuli in masked priming sequence especially for a very short duration, it would be a serious problem.

  • Thanks, This would be for 50 ms prime durations.

    As CRT monitors are getting rare and masked priming being a popular paradigm, I think that we will see more and more papers using masked priming with LCD ones which is a problem...

  • rrrrrr
    edited December 2016

    Some recent LCD displays specialized in PC game have very short and stable latency (less than 5ms).

    If you have a blackbox toolkit, it would be possible to conduct your experiments with the high performance LCD display whose timing accuracy is checked and adjusted by the toolkit.

    You can have a look at for reference.

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