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Accentuated character in typing response

Hi all and Sebastiaan,

In a task I would like people to type a word they see.

Everything is working fine except when I type "ô" which appears like ^o. Is there a way to manage that ?

Best regards


  • Hi Boris, are you using inline scripting?



  • Hi Josh,

    Yes because I want to collect time for every letter typed.


  • Hi guys,

    The problem here is that accented characters can be created in many different ways. For example, on a French keyboard the é is present as a physical key, and therefore (I assume?) you'll be able to enter it.

    But other accented characters are essentially combinations of keystrokes, and how this works depends on the keyboard layout and operating system. For example, if I enter ^ + o on my Windows computer, OpenSesame may interpret this as ^o (in which case Windows doesn't combine the keys at all) or (in which case Windows combines the keys, but also feeds in the first key) depending on the keyboard layout.

    So that's the problem. I don't have a satisfactory solution though. :/ Any suggestions are welcome. Offering good support for non-ASCII text is a top priority—and although I think OpenSesame is already massively better at it than other software packages, it's still imperfect.


  • Yes "é" is ok.
    The problem is only for combinations of keystrokes...

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