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[solved] PyGaze_init wouldn't work on Tobii TX300 properly

edited February 2015 in PyGaze

Hi there,
We are doing project on OpenSesame, Tobii-Tx300 and we got two problems and could you please help me to work out?
1. When ran the pygaze_init() in the experiment, the experiment could not run in "full screen" mode because the opensesame control screen was always in front of the experiment screen;
2. When the experiment was on "Run in window" mode, after running the pygaze_init() in the experiment and it connected to Tobii properly and started the calibration, but the experiment was stopped.

For more details, could you please see attached image? Thanks in advance!



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    I have got the solution: in Experiment, I should not select xpyriment but others. It seems the xpyriment didn't cooperate with pygaze well.

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    Thanks for sharing the solution!

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