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Dummy mode for serial response box (PST) not working in OS 2.9.4 [Windows, linux]

edited February 2015 in OpenSesame

Hi folks,

I've finally had time to come back to some work with OpenSesame I started some time ago (version ~2.0?). I was successfully using a PST serial response box. Now, with 2.9.4 (under both Win and Linux), when in Opensesame the response box plugin is in dummy mode (use keyboard rather than PST box), the experiment is aborted; At the point when the response box needs an input, pressing one of the number keys on the keyboard (or indeed any key), the error message ' An error occured in srbox 'SR_box_continue': Only number keys are accepted in dummy mode ' is presented and the running of the experiment aborts.

Does anyone have any idea why this is the case, before I start trying to probe deeper? I get the same message both under Linux (Opensuse 13.2 : Opensesame run from source) and Windows (7.0 Enterprise).

I'd be super grateful if anyone has any suggestions!

Thanks very much in advance!



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