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[solved] Calibration : PyGaze vs TobiiStudio

edited March 2015 in PyGaze


I think that's not really a good question but... why doing the calibration with PyGaze and not simply with TobiiStudio then run our python program ? Is it less accurate ?

Many thanks in advance for your answer.
I have many trouble with the calibration but everything else in my program works just fine...


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    I'm not 100% sure, because @esdalmaijer implemented this, but my guess is that it doesn't matter whether you do the calibration in the experiment, or with TobiiStudio. It's just a matter of convenience. Assuming, of course, that the calibration is preserved if you switch from one program to the next, and that you don't change the display resolution.


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    thanks, that's a really good new for me !
    I use a gaze-contingent display and it seems that the calibration is preserved but I wasn't sure that was a good way because if you work to permit the calibration via Python it was may be for a good reason.

    Have a nice day !

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