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[open] draw_text

edited March 2015 in PyGaze

Sorry, I placed the question in the wrong forum (OpenSesam).
The question is how one can manage word wrap in libscreen.draw_text. In psychopy / visual it's possible to use wrapWidth=xxx,
but there is no way to arrange for this in lib_screen.
Thanks for answering this question.


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    There's no direct way to do this, but you could hack into PyGaze to set the wrap width with PsychoPy directly. The thing to know is that when you call Screen.draw_text, PyGaze creates a psychopy.visual.TextStim and appends it to Screen.screen, which is a list. So I think you could do something like this. Of course, this assumes that you're using the psychopy disttype in PyGaze.

    Warning: This is blindly coded and untested, just to show the general idea!

    # Assume that my_screen is a PyGaze `Screen` object
    textstim = my_screen.screen[-1]
    textstim.wrapWidth = 400


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    As @sebastiaan mentioned, if you are using the PsychoPy DISPTYPE, you can manipulate the psychopy.visual instances in the my_screen.screen list.

    For both PsychoPy and PyGame, you can include "\n" in your text. This will insert a newline wherever you put it. For example, "You won!\nThanks for participanting!\n\n(press space to exit)" will look like the following:

    You won!
    Thanks for participanting!
    (press space to exit)

    Good luck!


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