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[solved] Line mapping task

edited March 2015 in OpenSesame


Just started using the software and loving it!

I need to create a task in which i present a line on the screen (with a value at the beginning and the end - w.g., the number 0 to the left and 15 to the right) and an image below (e.g., of 3 dots).

the task of the participant is to click with a mouse on the corresponding place in the line where 3 dots should be.

The edges of the line should be defined as 0% and 100%

Is there a way to do it? without inline?

To simplify:
Is it possible to get the location of the mouse click on the screen in relation to an object (in that case, a line) preferable without using inline?




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    I am afraid there is no way doing this without an inline_script, because none of the predefined items are able to sample mouse positions. Is there a reason why you want to avoid inline_scripts altogether? It actually isn't very hard to implement. You can have a look on this thread. There a neat way of creating such an element is described.

    Good luck and let us know if you need more help.


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    Thank you! I'll try that

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