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[closed] Nested (?) and strange problem

edited March 2015 in OpenSesame


I designed an experiment that suppose to do the following:

  • Go to the variable "Image" and look-up the name of the variable in the sub-loop
  • Present the image (which is the value of the variable)
  • Go back to the main loop and randomly select the next line

In practice two thing happen:

  1. I think that once a variable is selected, it just continue to run all the lines in the sub-loop
  2. When I'm trying to run it, it showed the first 2 sketchpads, and finishes the experiment (without reporting an error). It does run in quick test.

I'll really appreciate your help. I have no idea what the source of this might be....

here is a link to the experiment:

Thanks for reading!


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    Hi Tali,

    Maybe the following post is helpful:

    It discusses how you can implemented E-prime-like nested lists in OpenSesame.


    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

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    Hi Sebastiaan

    Thank you for your response.
    I actually read the discussion you suggested before posting this one.
    I tried to use sub-loops as suggested in this discussion.
    This is why I don't know why it doesn't work...


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    Hi again

    I played with it a little and found the problem:
    my sub-loop (called 'nested_practice' or 'nested_experiment') has many columns, each column represent different variable (every cell is a picture that fit a specific condition).

    However, once a variable name was selected from the main loop,
    the nested loop runs all the images in the same line! (so even if it set to run only one line, it goes thorough the entire line before getting back to the main loop)

    Attached the experiment to see how it looks:

    my question is:
    If and how can I refer to a single cell in the nested loop?
    can I specify "address"? or can I "fix' it so the reference is to a column and not the entire line (like you would do in excel)?

    Thank you!
    I really hope to find a simple solution that will not require me to have separate loop for each of my 32 conditions...


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    I defined the question differently under a different discussion:

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    and I responded to the other one and will close this one.

    Closed as duplicate of #1440.

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