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[open] Runtime Error on Pygaze example

edited April 2015 in PyGaze


Brief specs:

Running from a Mac OSX Yosemite from a Macbook pro
Using an Eyelink SR 100
Running through Psychopy and trying to get an eyetracking solution for Psychopy experiments.
Have installed Pylink and placed the pylink folder in the psychopy site-packages for python

After a bit of fighting with pygaze I am at least getting simple pygaze experiments to run without crashing by placing the pygaze example experiments in the site-packages for psychopy's version of python2.7. Now I'm moving on to trying to get the eyelink to work with the experiments.

Pygaze comes withe a simple_eyetracker_experiment which doesn't see to be able to run from my machine. It crashes and reports a runtime error. I also can't seem to be able to call any pylink commands from the psychopy shell or look them up with a help menu.

It's all very strange. Any ideas?


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    Hi Michael,

    A simple solution might be that in the Pygaze_init item (which initializes the eyetracker, basically), you need to select the right eyetracker first (Eyelink in your case).

    If this is not it, we can go into more detail!



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    Currently in the process of handling this personally, as it seems to be an issue of where what is installed. This is rather unclear on OSX, unfortunately.

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