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[solved] Using Eye Link1000

edited May 2015 in PyGaze

Hi all,

I see that there is a PyGaze template in OpenSesame which you can choose in the beginning of your building. With this template, can I plug my EyeLink1000 just using this option in the builder or do I need to add/install any package?

I am using Windows.

Do I need to install any packages to communicate with the EyeLink1000 from a Windows? (using the builder), or is just needed to choose the PyGaze eye-tracking template?

My eye-tracker is the EyeLink1000.

I’m also seeing that the PyLink library allows to communicate with EyeLink setups. I already am registered with the SR Research Support Forum. However I don’t know if this is the way to put my experiment ‘in contact’ with my eye-tracker.

Also, if I use this library (PyLink) do I need to code the experiment or can I use the builder?

I’m feeling really dumb with all of this questions!

Thank you very much.



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    Dear all,

    Consider this post solved as I will take advantage to ask it in other post where I am already discussing similar topics.


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