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[open] Reaction time measurement with vocal response

edited December 2015 in OpenSesame


I want to run a study that will go like this :
1. a target is presented (red or blue square)
2. the participant speak into the microphone to give his answer ("red" or "blue")
3. the time from the onset of the target and the beginning of the vocal response is recorded (reaction time)

I don't need anything fancy, like recording the voice or control the amplitude...

Does anyone know how it can be done? Have you a template?

I check this thread:

But a can't download the example: voicekey.opensesame.tar.gz




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    Hi Carole,

    As is pointed out in that thread here, using the soundrecorder item to record the sound and do the processing afterwards might be the easiest solution. If you really want to compute reaction times online during the experiment, it might be a bit more tricky. The experiment that @Sebastiaan put together in that thread you mentioned is very old. So, it probably needs some fixing to be compatible with the current OpenSesame version.


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