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[solved] recording "checkbox" responses

edited January 2016 in OpenSesame

Hello and happy new year!

I am writing after reading

I have a form with 4 checkboxes and I want to know which were checked (Allowing multiple responses).
I called the variable "Answer".
In the log file "Answer" = No.

Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Another little question: How can I align the columns in the text to the left?

here is what I wrote:

widget 0 0 5 1 label text=Instructions

widget 0 1 1 1 image path="[target].png"

widget 1 1 1 1 image path="[img_A].png"

widget 2 1 1 1 image path="[img_B].png"

widget 3 1 1 1 image path="[img_C].png"

widget 4 1 1 1 image path="[img_D].png"

widget 1 2 1 1 checkbox text=A var=Answer

widget 2 2 1 1 checkbox text=B var=Answer

widget 3 2 1 1 checkbox text=C var=Answer

widget 4 2 1 1 checkbox text=D var=Answer

widget 2 4 2 1 button text=continue

Thank you so much!!


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    Hi Labovich,

    I'm unable to reproduce this problem when i copy your form, so in essence you're not doing anything wrong. The only solution i can think of is the obvious one: did you log all variables in your logger item and, if so, have you tried manually adding your Answer variable in the logger item?

    Another little question: How can I align the columns in the text to the left?

    If you add center=False in your text widget the text will be alligned to the left

    Let me know if it works,


  • edited January 2016

    Thanks Laurent!
    It didn't record because for some reason the order of the logger and the form changed. Now it's working great!

    About aligning - can you please tell me where exactly should I add center=False?

    Thanks again!


  • edited 7:05AM

    Hi Tali,

    The accidental switch sounds way too familiar :)

    You can add the alignment into any text widget:

    widget 0 0 5 1 label center=False text=Instructions

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    Thanks again Knante!
    will the same trick work for other widget, like checkbox?

  • edited 7:05AM

    As far as i know it works for label and button widgets only, the checkbox text is automatically aligned on my end

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