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Speed of psychopy DotStim

edited January 2016 in OpenSesame

I built my experiment in version 2.8.0. Since I've updated to the newest 3.0.5 version, the experiment (implemented from "PsychoPy" website) is not running correctly in terms of speed (the dots are moving substantially faster) and density (the dots are much more crowded). Here's a link to my experiment.
Would appreciate your help regarding on how to solve this issue.


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    Hi Rotem,

    PsychoPy has been updated between the 2.8 and 3.0 series, and I suspect that there have been some changes to the behavior of the DotStim.

    • Regarding the speed. The way you've implemented it right now, the DotStim simply moves as fast as possible, i.e. without controlled timing. So if PsychoPy has made this stimulus a bit more efficient, it will start moving faster.
    • Regarding the density. There was an issue with the fieldSize keyword, which has presumably been fixed. (See here.) Is this what you're seeing as well? Perhaps you wrote the experiment so that it looked good with the bug, and now that the bug has been resolved it doesn't work as expected.


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