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Portable JASP packages for Windows (no installation required)

Update: As of JASP, portable JASP packages can be downloaded from the JASP download site:


It seems that JASP for Windows is only available as a .exe installer that requires administration privileges. This is inconvenient if, for example, you want to run JASP on a university computer on which you cannot install anything. To get around this I re-packaged JASP as a .zip that you can extract anywhere and run directly, without installing it. Other than this, there is no difference with the official JASP packages.

Update: Based on limited testing, the win32 packages work on all systems, whereas the win64 packages work only on 64 bit systems. Please post if you run into trouble.

You can download them from here.



  • EJEJ
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    That's awesome!! We'll look into making these available for the next release as well.

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    Thanks Sebastiaan!

    I had the same problem, but not your simple and clever idea just to package a zip file. I'm really happy that I can finally end my endless annoying discussions with the university technicians, who refuse to install JASP on the public students PCs without a detailed "security check"....

    Oliver Lindemann

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    We are having trouble running JASP on the university computers. These are Windows 7 professionnel 2009 service pack 1, 32 bit, French. It occurs with the portable (see above) packages of both versions of JASP. We cannot try the .exe installer due to lack of admin rights, but I suspect that this wouldn't resolve the problem anyway (as it's the same code).

    When we try to start JASP, we immediately receive the following error message:

    La version du fichier est incompatible avec la version de windows que vous utilisez. Consultez les informations système de l'ordinateur pour savior si vous avez besoin d'une version x86 (32 bits) ou x64 (64 bits) puis contactez l'éditeur du logiciel.

    Which translates to:

    The version of this file is incompatible with your version of Windows. Consult the system information of the computer to find out if you need a x86 (32 bits) or x64 (64 bits) version, and then contact the maker of the software.

    I've only seen this error on these systems. It runs fine on French 64 bit Windows 7 systems. Is this a known issue?

    We have tried the following to no avail:

    • Running in various compatibility modes.
    • Running from a location that doesn't have special characters in the path.
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    Problem resolved!

    It was due to the portable packages. I had assumed that the JASP installer simply copies the same 32 bit version of JASP to every system, and hence that I could simply zip the JASP program folder. But apparently the JASP installer installs a 32 bit version on 32 bit systems, and a 64 bit version on 64 bit system. (Which sounds obvious, but most applications don't bother to do this--OpenSesame, for example, doesn't.)

    I renamed the portable packages to reflect whether they are for 32 or 64 bit systems.

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    Very nice, especially for corporate environments (such as universities) that dont allow users to install stuff.

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