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OpenSesame 3.0.5 available for Mac

edited February 2016 in OpenSesame

We are glad to announce that we have finally managed to create a package of OpenSesame 3 for Mac OS X. The first available version is 3.0.5 and can be found on Github. The app has been created on Mac OS X El Capitan and has been tested to work on Yosemite. We have not been able to test if it also works with older versions of OS X.

We have submitted the app to various tests, but it is always possible you might still encounter some (OS X specific) bugs. If you do, please notify us about the bug on the issue tracker of OpenSesame on Github. If you post an issue which is specific to the mac version of OpenSesame, please start the issue's title with [OSX] and give a clear description of your problems, preferably including a stack trace if you can.

We hope you'll enjoy the new OpenSesame 3 experience!


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