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[solved] Problem with keyboard response: participants have to respond twice

edited March 2016 in OpenSesame


I have another problem:

I have one experiment where participants are shown pictures in a loop. Also in the loop is the keyboard_response because the participants will have to rate every picture from 1 to 10 (assinged from 0 to 9). The experiment works so far. The only problem is, that I have to do every rating twice to go to the next picture.

I.E. one picture appears on the monitor and the participant should rate it from 1 to 10 (0 -9) but one answer (one button press) is not enough. The next pictures is only shown when two buttons (between 0 and 9 are pressend) no matter if it are the same or different ones.

I have no idea why that could be.

Do you have any idea?

Many thanks!


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    Hi Pia,

    Based on the information currently provided I can't say what causes your problem. If you have just one keyboard_response item, one button press should be enough. It could be that you have other sketchpad items for which the duration is still buttonpress. Could you check?



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    Hi Pia,

    If i read it correctly loop only continues when two buttons have been pressed and this is something you don't want? Would it help if you set the duration of the sketchpad on which you present the pictures to 0?



  • PiaPia
    edited 8:41PM

    Thank you!
    I had the duration set to "keypress" but now I set it to "0" and this works.
    I didn't think of this, so thank you very much!

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