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help with LOGGER!

edited April 2016 in Expyriment


i need help in figuring out how to filter out the first few trials in each block - i dont want to logger to log them.
i have 40 trials in each blockm and i want only the last 32.


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    Dear noanit,

    I assume you put each trial into a block with the expyriment.Block.add_trial method.
    When you later loop over the resulting list of trials for each block (e.g. exp.blocks[0].trials) you can omit the first 8 trials if you want. For example, for the first block you could do something like this:

    for trial in exp.blocks[0].trials[8:]:

    I am not sure what you mean with 'logger', though. If event logging is set to intensive logging (expyriment.control.event_logging=2), then adding the trials to the block will be logged in the event file as well. However, for the data file logging, you have total control over what gets logged and what not, since you have to call explicitly in order to add something to the data file.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if there are any further questions.

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