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Help with lexical decision task

edited April 2016 in OpenSesame


I'm trying to set up a lexical decision task but after some research I still don't get some points (I'm new to OpenSesame and programming).
I have a list of 192 letter strings (in a txt file), of which 96 are words and 96 are nonwords. I want to present them in blocks of 24 trials where half are words and half are nonwords, but obviously randomized. I don't want the same string to be seen twice and I would like to change the order of presentation for each participant. Can I do it with the user interface or do I have to use Python? And if I have to code, is there a tutorial for something like this?

Thank you so much in advance!


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    Hi Nucci,

    It all depends on how strict your division words / nonwords per block is. If it does not have to be exactly 50/50, you could use the GUI for this design. If it has to be exactly 50/50 the random order function in a loop is not able to do that and you will need to resort to scripting.


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    Hi Laurent,

    Thank you for your reply. It doesn't have to be exactly 50/50 in every block, but each word in the list has to be seen once by each participant. I'm also not sure how I could change the order of presentation of the blocks. Could you explain quickly how to go about this task? Thanks again!


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    Hi Elena,

    In that case you can obtain a major part of the design with the GUI only. You can change the order of the trials from 'sequential' to 'random' in every loop item in the top-right where it says 'order'. The only part that you would need to use inline_scripts for would be to create the blocks (i.e. provide pause screen after every 24th trial)

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    Thank you, I'll try that!

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