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Failed to open

edited April 2016 in OpenSesame

Hi Guys,
Please can anyone help me?
As usual things like this always happen when we are about to collect data!
While trying to open the file I got the following error:

Failed to open

Failed to open the file for the following reason:

Failed to parse line "draw textline center=1 color=white font_bold=yes font_family=mono font_italic=no font_size=18 html=yes show_if=always text="Then you will see an image.
Scan it and think about the questions:
How effective would this image be for me?
". Is there a closing quotation missing?

item-stack: ``
exception message: No closing quotation
time: Mon Apr 11 14:47:50 2016
exception type: ValueError
Traceback (also in debug window)

File "dist\libopensesame\", line 170, in split
File "shlex.pyc", line 279, in split
File "shlex.pyc", line 269, in next
File "shlex.pyc", line 96, in get_token
File "shlex.pyc", line 172, in read_token
ValueError: No closing quotation


  • edited April 2016

    Hi gabrielab,

    to fix this, you will have to open the experiment in a plain text editor and add the missing quotation manually. The .osexp format is actually just an archive that you should be able to open with programs such as 7zip and the like. In the archive you should be able to find the .opensesame file and in there look for the line at which the above error occurs. If you add the missing quotation you should be able to run the experiment in OpenSesame again

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