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Continuous ratings (with feedback displayed) during video playback.

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Hello - I'm hoping someone can assist.

My experiment requires participants to continuously rate their feelings while watching a video playback.

I'm attaching an example of what I would like participants to see. I've managed to get the ratings working on their own - with the program displaying 'feedback' according to the participant's response (i.e. the yellow areas in the attached image file). I've used a mixture of the the touch_response and sketchpad to do this (although I'm not sure if that's the most efficient solution..) but I can't seem to figure out how to do this while a video is simultaneously playing?
Is there a way to do this - for example, placing a video inside a sketchpad? I've tried to run a video playback and the ratings scale in parallel but that doesn't seem to work (I can only see the video). I have had a look around the forum - but can't quite find a solution that fits.

Any ideas would be welcome (unfortunately I'm not very good at programming so anything beyond the GUI is quite difficult for me!)

Thank you - this is great program!





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    Hi Marie,

    That's quite a complex thing you are trying to achieve. I haven't been able to make the video player plugin in such a way yet that it can display videos onto a section on a sketchpad, but it is certainly on my wish-/todo-list in the future, not that this helps you at the moment...

    Of course, technically it is possible to do this, but at the moment it is very difficult to implement and it would involve writing quite some python code yourself. If you simply want to use a sketchpad there currently is no simple way to achieve this.

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    Thank you for your prompt reply! Instead of using a sketchpad, is there any other way I can run the video while at the same time (in parallel) collecting responses on a rating scale , for the duration of the video? For example, is there some sort of inline script I can use that displays both the video on my canvas, as well as a rating scale using a mouse tracker (and a way to continuously display the participants rating scale responses so they can 'track' where they'e answered on the scale)? Any ideas would be welcome!
    Thank you!

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    Hi Maries,
    it is certainly possible, but you will have to do a fair bit of programming in python. It is for now only possible with the media_player_gst plugin (and not with the bundled vlc plugin). the gst plugin has a window in which you can place python code, which can be executed after each drawn video frame. You could place python code in this window that draws the rating scale on top of the video frame and then also checks for responses of the participant. I know this sounds daunting, but it is the only possible way I can think of at the moment. Maybe you can ask the IT department of your university for some assistance with this?

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    How have you been progressing?

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    Hi John, it is a considerable job to create something like this, and I don't think I have the opportunity to work on it soon. Hopefully when there is some peace and quiet between the current project and the next, I can spend some time on this.

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