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Bug report (OS 027-pre12)

edited October 2012 in OpenSesame

Platform: Win7 -
Version: 0.27-pre12

Bug:When arriving at a form_consent item, the experiment aborts with the message

unbound method run() must be called with form_base instance as first argument (got form_consent instance instead)

All the other form elements seem to work fine

Bug:Newline characters in the form_text_input item appear as boxes (unrecognized character). After this, a newline however does begin.

Feature request: when choosing "Open file", the default starting location is the folder in which OpenSesame is installed. It would be preferable to start in the folder in which you opened an experiment last time, or if that is not possible, in the home folder (or documents) folder of the user.

Oct 7th - Bug: When you give a variable in a loop the name "experiment", OpenSesame will crash with a strange warning message. This is probably because the variable's name interferes with that of the experiment object and most of us know to not use this name for a variable, but one of my students accidentally did this and got completely confused by the consequent behavior of her program. Maybe you could provide a warning that using "experiment" as a variable name in a loop is not allowed? Also occurs in version 0.26

More to come here: I'm playing around with this version now and I don't want to make a new forum thread for for each bug


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    Thanks! I'll look into it, and in the meanwhile: Keep the bugs coming.


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    Yikes! Those are some creepy bugs...

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    If all is well, all these issues should be fixed as of 0.27~pre13. I think the weird newline characters in the form plug-ins was related to the Mac OS issue with newlines in inline_scripts. Do you by any chance have the opportunity to check whether the inline_script issue is fixed as well now?

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    I should have more time again from this Thursday on. I'll try to look into the mac version as soon as I can too. I have not been able to get any version from OS 0.27 from source to run on the Mac yet, but given some time I'm sure I will manage to.

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