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[solved] can't create gabor

edited June 2016 in PyGaze

I know this question must be very stupid, but I can't create a simple gabor.
I get a:

AttributeError: PsychoPyDisplay instance has no attribute 'expdisplay'

while trying to follow the gabor example in the documentation (which I actually copy-pasted it).
Is the example wrong or my installation?
Any ideas what the problem could be?


  • edited 10:37AM

    Try the following:

    import pygaze
    from pygaze.display import Display
    # Initialise a Display with default settings.
    disp = Display()
    # Get the handle to the active PsychoPy Window
    # (Note that you do not get this from disp.expdisplay
    # anymore, but directly from pygaze.expdisplay)
    win = pygaze.expdisplay

    Sorry about the error in the documentation; and thanks for pointing it out! We updated PyGaze, but it seems I forgot to update the docs accordingly.

    Good luck!


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