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Bi-manual response & feedback in Opensesame

edited May 2016 in OpenSesame

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to design an experiment where in the responses are to be taken bi-manually. Basically it is a target detection task to investigate the effect of laterality and the participants are required to press 'z' & 'm' simultaneously with both the hands if the target is present. For trials where the target is not present, they are required to press 'a' & 'l' in the same way. But I am having an issue while giving feedback about their performance. As there are 2 correct responses for every single trial, any of these 2 should be taken as a correct response. In normal scenarios there is just one response that is correct. Here as there are 2 responses that are correct, I find it difficult to code correct responses accordingly. Can anybody help me to sort this issue.

Thanking you,



  • edited May 2016

    Hi Shamini,

    Normally, the keyboard_response item would log a variable correct with value 0 or 1. You can set the value of this variable manually. The keyboard item also creates a variable response, the value of which will be the key that was pressed. You'll have to place an inline_script item right after the keyboard item, where you insert the following lines of code:

      if target_present == True:    # Or something like this, depending on your condition
            if exp.response == 'z' or exp.response == 'm':
                   exp.correct = 1
                   exp.correct = 0
      elif target_present == False:
            if exp.response == 'z' or exp.response == 'm':
                   exp.correct = 0
                   exp.correct = 1

    Does that make sense?



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