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will open sesame do these type of sets of experiments?

edited May 2016 in OpenSesame

I want to do a series of experiments.

(1) place the window on the house. there is a cartoon picture of a house and you drag and drop the window to where you want to place it. there will be 10 different house shapes.
(2) which of the 2 objects is better. 2 objects - and either #1 or #2. there will be 10 different sets of shapes.
(3) is similar to (1) - place a ball on the table top in the "best looking" position. there will be 10 different table sizes.
(4) similar test as 1 + 3

can I do all these in one test run?. or would they have to be separate tests?
can I get an output of X:Y positioning of the window to determine user tendencies/bias for the left hand side or right hand side?

is there another program that could run these tests?

thank you very much for any assistance.

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