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Files removed from __pool__

edited May 2016 in OpenSesame

I put files (e.g. bmp and wav) into pool directory on my desktop and constructed an experiment. Since the experiment really got heavy because of those files, I removed the files from the file pool using the GUI (since it said it does not affect the original file). But after I removed them, all the files I put disappeared from the file pool.

I used the mac app called Find Any File to search for the files but could not find any. So it seems unlikely to recover the files, but could anyone knows the way to recover them?

I would really appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks


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    I wanted to write "underscore underscore pool underscore underscore" in the first sentence

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    HI Yuji,

    Thanks for pointing this out. This is an example of poor usability: the dialog text should be made clearer, and also explain what happens when your using the __pool__ folder instead of the regular file pool. I hope you didn't loose anything important because of this.


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    Thank you for the reply. Fortunately I had a backup so nothing serious happened. I hope my mistake has contributed to its improvement.

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