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Assigning SOA randomly without repetition with Inline Script

edited May 2016 in OpenSesame

Hi Everyone!
I'm trying to run a loop of 105 Prime-Target stimuli while each Prime-Target pair will be called randomly and will be assigned with a random SOA from 105 SOAs list. I'm having a problem with the SOAs assigning.

Before the Prime-Target loop, I set in Inline_Script the variables as follow:

import random
ChooseSOA=[100 for i in range(50)]+[200 for i in range(55)]

Then, in the sequence running in the loop I wrote:

 self.experiment.set("SOA", self.experiment.get(ChooseSOA.pop()))

Then, I added a sketchpad with the duration "SOA".

when I'm running the experiment, the OpenSesame says:'int' object has no attribute 'pop'

Help? Anyone?


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    Hi S_H,

    Using print in inline script might give you some insight in a situation like this.

    print self.experiment.get("ChooseSOA")

    will print '0'

    print ChooseSOA

    will print your list [100, 100, 100, 200, etc. ]

    Basically you use both a local and a global variable ChooseSOA. You could make this work by filling the global variable ChooseSOA with you local list instead of '0' like this:

    import random
    ChooseSOA=[100 for i in range(50)]+[200 for i in range(55)]

    Another thing; instead of

    self.experiment.set("SOA", self.experiment.get(ChooseSOA.pop()))

    you want to use

    self.experiment.set("SOA", self.experiment.get('ChooseSOA').pop())

    because you are trying to pop a value from list self.experiment.get('ChooseSOA')

    And last but not least if you are using OpenSesame 3 you want to be using the var object

    Hope this helps and please correct me if I'm wrong,

  • S_HS_H
    edited 4:13AM

    Dear Jarik!
    Thank you very much for your kind answer!

    I rewrote my code according to your detailed suggestions and now I'm having: "'unicode' object has no attribute 'pop'".

    I used print in order to spot the problem. at the end of the first script I wrote print(len(ChooseSOA)) and the length was 105, as it should be. at the beginning of the second script(before setting "SOA") I wrote print(len(self.experiment.get("ChooseSOA"))) and it oddly printed 616.

    Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong now? :(
    (btw, I am using version 2.8.7 and I'm not able to update it at the moment...)


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    Couldn't find 2.8.7 so I used 2.9.7 to test:

    I think you will be OK using the local variable ChooseSOA because all inline_script items share the same workspace:

    self.experiment.set("SOA", ChooseSOA.pop())
    print self.experiment.get("SOA") #to check

    Note you will have to do


    after the shuffle if you want to be able to log the complete ChooseSOA list with the logger item!

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