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[solved] Keyboard response opening the same time a sound is played?

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I have built a stimulus detection task in which the participant must press a key indicating that they have or have not seen a small box on the screen. In this experiment, participants must wait to press the key which indicates their decision until a sound is played (in this case "Go"). As it is programmed now, the "Go" sound plays to completion and THEN the keyboard response window opens. This has been problematic because sometimes our participants will press the correct key, but because they pressed the key while the "Go" was playing the response was not recorded.

What would be ideal is if the keyboard response window could open at the same time that the "Go" begins to play. Is there a way to program this in opensesame? Since I am relatively new to programming in opensesame, I am not sure how to accomplish this. If it is helpful, the program currently has a sampler item ("Go" sound) followed by a keyboard response item.

Many thanks!


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    Hi Char (mander?),

    If you use the sampler item, you can set its duration to 0 ms. The sound will continue to play, while the experiment advances to the keyboard response item.



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    Ahh, thank you so much! This worked like a charm.


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